SOTY- My Ass!

Wishing you all Happy Navratra. Many people will curse these 9 days as it keeps them away from alcohol and non-veg (we must give animals some freedom to live). Instead of oozing and idling on bean bags we decided to watch SOTY- Student of the year. The movie is definitely a one time watch but not worth to spend more than 150 bucks. The movie is a modified version of Jo jeeta wohi sikandar with a taste of gay flavour (what more evidence you need to admit KJo is a gay :P). Coming to the cast- Ali Bhatt...she definitely needs to get some maturity as far as looks are concerned. In the movie she is portrayed as a dumb bimbo ( guess girls are dumb :P). The two new male lead in the movie are handsome and have a great future ahead. The movie has lots to offer for ladies because the two charming men have exposed a lot. After watching the end I felt KJo is a asshole with no brain. Illogical ending provided to the movie. The movie is rightly named SOTY, it means stick in punjabi. My suggestion is don't waste your time and money, just download it.

Review: ch pe u ki matra ta pe ee ki matra ya pe aa ki matra ;)


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