Is this Satyam way!!!

It's over 5 months now in Satyam and i am happy working with this company. Why wouldn't anyone be happy when he is getting salary for just 2 hours attending at office. Actually in my training i had different notion when i passed it with great hard work and burned midnight oil*
(Joking) to crack it. Then i thought that we are getting much less for the number of hours we put up at our training centre but reality was different and i came to know about it gradually. So my observations goes like this:
We were told on our induction day by Nagraju and Commander that we have to speak in English when we are in office but i have seen our RM's in training often speaking in Tullu among themselves. Now in Our QEDGE circle i see this regularly. They say that our's is the No.1 training facility in the world to outsiders but only we ELTP's know about their training. You can pass test by studying DB's and their practicals are not that tough. If i can manag to pass then anyone can pass easily. Then in office every guy/girl while working in their cabins( actually they are also on bench) listen to songs in loudspeaker mode. And now the latest news f Satyam merging with Maytas has raised questions among investors worldwide about credibilit of Satyam's management. Actually there are a lot more things that i can discuss but as i m a current employee of Satyam i m restricted to do so. So well friends if you have anything against satyam way please do comment..............................


Tarun Goel said…
Hellow!! This is a good company infact. The way it is managing its resources[by payin you and me with no work and even then it is making huge profits] it is a nice company. So no bad words please :)
Ankesh at Talk said…
sahi dude.. Yes we r getting paid for noyhing..and the best thing is no body here walking their talk..
And u can write watever U want no body can question our right of self expression..
honey said…
hii...i guess u r badly worried abt proj??isnt it??:P :P

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