Two Little Angels!!!

There are a lot of hard drinks and soft drinks to choose from today. You have a unending list of companies who manufacture these products. Have you ever thought how much would one bottle of COKE costs the manufacturer. It's not more than 2 Rs but we get it at Rs 10. Why??? Because of Kareena and Aamir Khan. These companies pay these Stars from our pockets. Hey i am not getting into management, so don't get serious. I am just going to tell you a real story that happened with me when i was going back home from Begumpet to Hafeezpet. The story goes like this........As usual i was late in getting up this morning but it's not late i would call but toooooo lateeeee. I woke up at 12:30. I am sure if my manager came to know that i come to office at this hour, I would be fired from Satyam. I had my lunch at office and Vinod asked me to go to Walden to buy some book. We left for Walden at 3:00 P.M and after spending 2 hours at Walden without buying any book except I got one magazine(OSHO WORLD), we decided to go by MMTS. We reached at Begumpet station t board MMTS. Just when MMTS was about to arrive, I purchased one bottle of FANTA (APPLE FLAVOUR). As it was a new flavour by Fanta and i hadn't tasted it so i thought of trying it out. After about 15 minutes when we were about to arrive at Hafeezpet, one little girl pulled my jeans. She begged me for money. But just before that i had given another girl 1 Rupee so i tried to avoid her by saying "Chutta nahin hai". But she kept pulling my jeans. I felt irritated and was about to scold her when suddenly i understood her actions. Actually her eyes were fixed at Fanta bottle and she had so much innocence in her face that i could nt explain. I gave the bottle to her. I closely watched her. She turned back and called some one in "Telugu i suppose. Then from the crowd a small, pretty girl came out with a glass in her hand in which she had coins she begged from people. That little girl was the same one i had earlier given i Rupee coin. Then that girl emptied the glass and her sister(I suppose) gave her half of the drink and both enjoyed it. After they finished their drink both the girls looked at me and gave a Contented smile. I felt happy about being able to satisfy someone in my life. I can't forget their face for the rest of my life. Then i deboarded at Hafeezpet station and those two sisters went running out of my sight but they were still looking back at me as they were thanking me for Quenching their thirst which was there for years......

"Everyone says that India is Shining. Is this way India is shining then i am sorry to say that this is not shine but a big black dot on India's face. Think about it"


Tarun Goel said…
Don't think about it, do something if you can
Anonymous said…
........and u are the one who is supporting this big dot to grow bigger and bigger. u did not satisfy their thrust but i say u actually motivate them to beg another NISHIT in the same way.i am not against helping poor people but plz do it in other way.because of u she might start thinking that begging is the best way to live their livelihood and who know this thinking last for her next generation as well.
Nishit said…
@ Mr controversial
Thans for your comments but sorry i don't think as you do. When some little one comes to me asking for alms, i can't bear his pitiable condition. I try my best what can i do at that time. So i did yesterday. I gave her the drink in my hand and some money to eat.
What can i do more in this regard?
Please suggest "some other way" to me??
Ankesh at Talk said…
great jesture....I read the comments of Mr. controversial.What I think is that every small things contributes to the larger picture. Today we might not be having a lot of money to do in a bigger sense. But we might do it in other ways also. But it is not fair to those innocent to keep them deprived of the small things like cold drinks at that day. This might lead them to beg more or this might also be their wish for that day which came true, and they too know that they won't get this cold drink every day.

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