P Revolution

Erotica, sexual fantasies have become modern toys for teenagers today. And interesting thing is that you get these toys for free.Access to P videos, Pics is unlimited and within your easy reach at the touch of a button.You must have an internet connection at home and know how to delete history. The maturity of youth has been retraced back to 5 years.When i was in class 8th i wasn't aware of computer at all. Leave alone me, cyber cafe's were a rare thing in the past. Now even a 5th standard boyknows all about SEX and surfing Porn sites. Access to web has increased dramatically since. Someone has very rightly abbreviated PORN as"Pornographic obsession necessary for development of youth". First time i saw a BF when i was in class 10th but this episode surprised me a lot.I went to cyber cafe here to check mails when i didn't have internet at home. In my next cabin there were two boys sitting and secretly laughing. I feltannoyed and disturbed by this and asked them to keep quiet but they continued like that. When i finished my work and came out, i sneaked into their cabin to scold them, what i saw was shocking. The boys had opened some XXX site and the boys were not more than 10 years of age. I was hell shocked and didn't said anything to them and paid the bill and left. LAter that day i thought whether i have made any mistake by not telling them that hat they are doing is a crime. I came to this conclusion:
Lack of sex education: parents don't educate them. So they move out to know about it all. They have the urge to know how it happens??? Every human being feels some sex energy when he reaches a certain age. So if it is not subsided, it takes other ways like this one. When young boys see such stuff they get excited and the energy in them goes increasing and they imagine every women to be in be with them. So, negetive thoughtsstart building which hampers growth of positive thoughts which finally leads to zero career growth. So, i felt i made a mistake and should have counselled the guys as well as talked with their parents ideally ;) but that's impossible on my part as i don't have guts to do that. I you have then you can have a try. I welcome your own opinions in this regard. Till then happy surfing and inculcate healthy habits. Stay happy always!!!!


Deepak Bagga said…
o teri !!!! !@$%^&* &&*^(& )(& _)(^&^&^^^ v ^^*&^*&) &)*^&^&*)^

every one says parents should teach their children. But nonone does it. it is very difficult.
I think the simple thing is to bring child's attention to impotant things, like carrier, growth etc. This motivation should be so effective that child should be forced to choose his/her priorities rightly.
asd said…
no comments.................
Nishit said…
Who r u asd??? If u hv no comments to share then i m afraid u r in wrong place???
Uncommon Sense said…
its normal,, let the childrens learn as they want.. there is nothing wrong in that... some time back i did a post on sex educaition,, and i was against it..
Anonymous said…
if boys at the age of 10 or less having an urge to know about sex then who are responsible ?....
our social mindset
on a round figure we thing about sex in each 5 minutes anyhow.
but still we do not want to talk about it
is not it strange :O
Tarun Goel said…
once in a blue moon u come up with a post, how many times i have sincerely asked to write seriously, u fucker!!
be regular and i will be regular also

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