How Weird Can It Be!!!!

DISCLAIMER: The content shown below contains sexually explicit material and may be harmful for children's below 18 Years of Age. The content below is non-fictional and the reader may feel it violent at certain places. If you are 18 years of age and above please proceed else wait for my next blog...


I returned from Chandigarh yesterday. I decided to return by CTU bus instead of A/C Volvo which i took while going to Chandigarh. I took the bus from Sector-43. I have visited Chandigarh 5 or 6 times but yet i find this place very confusing. I could not make out which sector is where.
Finally, i started back at 4 PM and on my way i went back to my Happy Old days and so i am sharing it with you...

1) Have you ever done something weird in your life? If Yes then rate yours with mine. I was in Chandigarh this weekend. I reached Chandigarh late at night and i was damn tired because of 9 hours journey and that too in Bus. I checked in at a hotel and got myself 2 Beer. After emptying the stuff i lay flat on the bed fully Naked. I felt like masturbating but didn't feel good about it doing the same old way. I thought of doing something innovative this time. I took one soft rope
and tied it's one end to the fan above and tied the other end with my Dick. Then i laid flat on the bed and switched on the fan momentarily. Literally speaking it gave me immense pleasure that i never felt before. But i advise you not to try this at home.

2) This is some 2 years old incident happened unfortunately to me. I was travelling from Jammu to Delhi alone. The Bus stopped for dinner at Sanja Chulla, Sujanpur. I had my dinner with Dal Makhani and Butter roti. I ate double my capacity and boarded the bus. After 2 hours i began feeling trouble in my stomach. Suddenly i started feeling pain in my abdomen and went to the driver and asked him to stop somewhere as need a loo urgently. He got angry and asked me to control it for sometime. I told him that it's an emergency situation but that guy was stubborn and didn't listened to me. As i was pleading him to stop somewhere i felt i couldn't hold the pressure anymore and released it into my pants. SHIT!!!! I came back to my seat as emergency conditon had passed. Now the interesting part. The conductor shouted and said," Chal ja, bus 10 min ruki hai". I told him,"Hello Boss,the time had passed. you just missed the train. Now carry on". Finally after reaching Delhi i washed all the shit off at the SARVAJANIK SHOCHALAYA at kashmere gate.

3) Time = Final year in my college and just after my placement. I got placed in Satyam and was very happy as i got what i had never expected i would get. The reason is my CGPA was 5.99 in my 7th semester. so me and Varun who both were selected in Satyam went to Rang Mahal for celebration with other friends. I remembered how i got there but didn't remember how i get back to my room. I was hell drunk. When i reached hostel, i was sleeping in common room. Then my closest friend POPO offered me help to my room but i refused stating that i am alright. I bade goodbye and went to my room. It was 4 A.M in the morning and i woke up and found myself sleeping in bathroom of our hostel. I had properly bolted it from inside. May be i thought it to be my room in drunk state of mind.

There are many other weird incidents happened to me but i don't remember now. I soon as i remember any of them i will Post them in my blog. Enjoy reading it and do post any of yours weird tasks....


Tarun Goel said…
U fucker!!!
I was laughing and am still laughing. You are such a loser.!!!!
Slept in bathroom, masturbated automatically and not manually, you are so imaginative :D
Vinod said…
Nisit y u haven't mentioned the exact place in toilet where u have been laying the whole night!!!
Tarun ko aur jyada hansi aati
Tarun Goel said…
bata be kahan tha?
maine aur varun ne ek baar joote churaaye the, ek baar banda nanga kar ke maara tha school mein :)
abhishek gupta said…
This comment has been removed by the author.
abhishek gupta said…
abhishek gupta said…
in 2nd one.. that was gud.. u were alone..hahahahahahahaha

tum to tabahi machane me tarun ko bhi peechhe chhod rahe ho
Nishit said…
@ Tarun
are yaar it's a secret...public place main disclose nahin kar sakta...i will let u knw on gtalk or u can ask varun...sahi main be...tum donon ne banda nanga karke maara...awesome yaara...kis class main???
Anonymous said…
hey bahgwan
how the person next to u mange to seat with u
shit on seat
chi chi badbu nahi aayi
dinesh aka dino said…
Fuck ! Fuck ! Fuck !
It's so fucking awesome ... you must have enjoyed automatic hand job ...maturbating all over the rooom.It reminds of the love making scene in kamasutra.
Shit all over seat .how did you manage to sit after that...Yuck
Slept in bathroom ... lol max

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