Name Game!!!!

Be it Shiv ki sena or MNS activist or others but their whole motive is- "Don't dare raise your voice against Mumbai or you will face dire consequences". What is happening in India at the moment? Why are these people creating a huge mess out of nothing? There are many other problems to be talk about but these people linger around with one motive and that is- AAMCHI MUMBAI. And now they have a problem with "My name is Khan....". And culprit is SRK for the mere reason that he issued a public statement about PAK IPL players that they should be allowed to play in India. There is nothing wrong in his statement but 'coz of SS and his counterpart's SRK and karan Johar have to face consequences. Since indian independence it's because of this hatred, anger against pakistan that we have fought 3 wars with PAK and who knows we may go to 4th one pretty soon. To build amicable relations with PAK each and every citizen of both countries should respect each other and try not to interfere in each one's internal matters. I only ask the Indian Judiciary why not just imppose a ban on SS and MNS and put Thackrey behind bars. Today they are protesting over MNIK and tomorrow they will protest over 14th Feb. There is a need to press a label on these people otherwise one day will come when MUMBAI will be left only to MUMBAIKARS............


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