The day was 7Th July 2008. The day when we along with 78 other guys were officially inducted into 4Th largest(at that time) IT service company at Hyderabad.I used to think in my college that if any XYZ person wants to work in software industry he should have good knowledge of A,B,C computer languages. But after i found me in the list of selected candidates, i was shocked. During my interview at college, satyam HR asked me to write a program of array multiplication which i didn't know at all and even now i won't be able to do it, even then i was selected. I am still perplexed what these people want from as a fresher??? Are they really in search of Techie geeks or just bonded labourers??? AT satyam i met guys who were big at heart. I also met few ch***** type personalities. Then there were Nagaraju who would do nothing except crying foul over indiscipline. He is short, black, keeps moustache and wears a typical big knot as if it will choke his neck.Others were Commander and SIVA(...his hand gesture, you know, always talking about process, his pronunciation and most important his Cat walk). I still remember when potan and simba enacted him in our class. I always wondered that commander and nagaraj are taking fat pay cheque every month but what for??? May be that's why commander why fired when satyam's condition got worse( i m not sure of this fact but i heard it people saying). Apart from fun around us, we used to have OLA's and i failed in every OLA. After 3 OLA's i was handed over LOC( not line of control but Letter of caution) and whole batch applauded and i raised my hand in air as if i am going to address an election rally just like rahul gandhi :D. At our lab we used to do all sorts of mischievous thing like watching .214 link and cracking jokes. It was total fun. And everyday we used to booze with guys like bagga, soda, anzal, nair, lokesh and ofcourse our cold smoker Tarun. But as they say nothing is absolute, everybody has to move on. Few guys from .net were transferred to Bangalore and rest of us were asked to report on bench (honeymoon period). Our honeymoon didn't last long and we were in CBNA project that too again at STC. Automation testing, was the work there. Task: open script (already made) it...check error...add again...once finish update it in QC tool. We worked for 4 months as shadow resource (f*****g concept in project) and were kicked to VPP. Only i female associate who joined with us was retained. Don't know why :D.
Without a second thought, i decided that i will not stay put in Hyd any longer. Before leaving i joined TIME correspondence course in HYD. During my 9 months of VPP i only studied for just 0ne month and spent rest of the time doing masti. I also prepared a business plan along with Tarun and Ankesh but due to capital constraint it didn't work out. Applied in IVolunteer for NGO work..gave MBA exams.Finally my wait ended in Feb when i was recalled from VPP to join new city, new people but old friends. My new project NESTLE.
From Feb 28Th 2010 to till date i am working in 24*7 nestle project. I always wished to work in night shift but now i don't want it anymore. You meet new faces, new people each and every moment and here also i met few interesting guys- nabaneet, prabhat, arjun. But i would like to offer my gratitude to my trainer- Mr. Naveen kumar.
This was all the memoirs that i could recall and the moments that i didn't mention here may be deliberately left for you to comment. Taking forward all Reminiscences would end with the thought "We never know where, how we end up but one thing we can do is just enjoy each and every moment. Stay cheerful"


Ankesh at Talk said…
bhai kal do saal pure ho jayenge us auspicious din ke... kya bole kind of worst phase or say dat phase made us fucking strong to face d fuckin life a head...hopefully will realize our business plan dis time
Manish Jain said…
On very first day at satyam, we were shown a Presentation.. which said..
1. What ever happen.. happens for a reason.
2. Smile because its over...

Good Luck for future..
Keep posting..
Manish Jain
Anonymous said…
Well composed Nisith...I love ur way of writing ...its sumthing that I was with whole 2 yrs ... :)

keep writing ...n u never told dat u hav blog ...!!!
vicious said…
these software comps ..they want nothing actually ..they wud have taken u even if u hadnt been able 2 say ur name properly ...coz the work that we do can be done by a 10th std pass out as well i bliv !!!its the same story everywhere!

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