Wish I had....

Had i not attended the Indiblogger meet at Bengluru i wouldn't be writing this post. I am highly obliged to Indiblogger team and acknowledge their initiative of bringing different bloggers together. Oh man just kidding, i am actually in a state of hangover because yesterday i went to Chinnaswamy stadium to watch ongoing India-Aussie test match and felt very disappointed on my phone (probably for the first time) as it had built-in camera of 2 MP of no use. It's clarity is pathetic. I couldn't click any pictures of all time favourite, GOD, legendary Sachin Tendulkar playing a superb innings. Only yesterday i realised the importance of camera phone. If i had a built-in camera i could have clicked pictures of sachin and tweeted on my twitter profile.
That would have helped me gain more readership or can say the TRP of my account would have gone up. An excellent resolution with touch technology would make my phone a killer version in market. The touch of a finger is utmost powerful as compared to pressing keys. A new born feels the presence of his mother by a mere touch. When he grows to an adult then the meaning of finger would mean different to him. Then he will use his finger to arouse his partner. With the camera i could click pictures anytime and with GPRS on my phone i would immediately share it with friends. Looks cool. being an ITian not IITian i need to check mails so need my phone to tell me that i have received a new email. Also if i had size of more than 2.5"(talking about screen size. Don't think something else) i can enjoy videos on the go to keep me entertained because i have no girlfriend. For those who have someone special in their life they don't need big screen size as they have a walk-talk Ipod. I wish my phone vibration to match earthquake of 7.5 Richter scale. Many a times I have missed calls from friends and family and then i have to give excuses why i didn't pick the call. Lastly as they say size doesn't matter i would like my phone to be small, cute and light but a heavy loaded man-made tool to satisfy my all needs.


Deepak Bagga said…
it seems ur phone has become your girlfriend as you, after telling its drawbacks(camera), are loving and using it very much ;)
but be aware of its EM side effect on your important and precious body parts.
abhishek gupta said…
mAy ur wish come true soon.. :)
umapoems said…
Beautiful wishes!all the best

Voted ..read mine too

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